Week of August 1st (Statue Cleaning)

During the week of August 1 Please Use Front Memorial Entrance. Access to back entrance will be limited while the McKinley statue is being cleaned and restored. If you need assistance, please call 330-652-1704 ext. 1.

McKinley Memorial Library, Public Library of Niles, announces limited access to the Library from the parking lot and rear entrance of the Memorial during the week of August 1st. The National McKinley Birthplace Memorial will be cleaning the McKinley statue, a process which will take several days. Please note that the McKinley statue and the courtyard will not be available for photographs during the restoration work. Library patrons are advised to enter the Library from the front Memorial steps, or to utilize Curbside Services. For assistance, please call 330-652-1704 ext. 1.

Source URL: https://www.mcklib.org/content/week-august-1st