William McKinley Sr. & Nancy Allison McKinley
William McKinley Sr.
      Born: November 15, 1807 in Pine Twp. Mercer Co., PA
      Married: January 6, 1829
      Died: November 24, 1892 in Canton, OH
      Buried: Westlawn Cemetery in Canton, OH
      Father: James S. McKinley
      Mother: Mary (Polly) Rose
Nancy Campbell Allison McKinley
      Born: April 22, 1809 in New Lisbon, OH
      Died: December 12, 1897 in Canton, OH
      Buried: Westlawn Cemetery in Canton, OH
      Father: Abner Allison
      Mother: Ann Campbell
         1. David Allison McKinley
                  Born: November 23, 1829 in New Lisbon, OH
                  Married: 1850
                  Died: September 18, 1892 in San Francisco, CA
                  Buried: Odd Fellows Cemetery in San Francisco, CA
               Spouse: Nancy Minerva Scott
                      Note: 1881 –1885 US Consul for the Hawaiian kingdom
                        · William Perry Francis McKinley 
                        · Ida Helen McKinley
                              Spouse: David Morse
         2. Anna (Annie) McKinley
                  Born: September 24, 1832 in New Lisbon, OH
                  Married: Never married
                  Died: July 29, 1890 in Canton, OH
                  Buried: Westlawn Cemetery in Canton, OH
                   Note:  Anna was a schoolmistress, grammar school principal in Canton, Ohio.
                              Her efforts and savings assisted in President McKinley’s education.
                              She also purchased a home in Canton for her parents.
            3. James Rose McKinley
                     Born: September 27, 1833 in New Lisbon, OH
                     Married: May 4, 1870 in San Francisco, CA
                     Died: October 11, 1889 in New Castle, PA
                     Buried: Westlawn Cemetery in Canton, OH
                  Spouse: Eliza Howe Fuller   
                              · Hope McKinley
                              · James Fuller McKinley
                              · Grace McKinley
            4. Mary McKinley
                     Born: September 22, 1835 in New Lisbon, OH
                     Married:      Place:
                     Died: June 20, 1868 in Poland, OH
                     Buried: Poland Cemetery in Poland, OH 
                  Spouse: Daniel (or David) May
            5. Helen Minerva McKinley 
                     Born: March 13, 1838 in Niles, OH
                     Married: Never married
                     Died: June 9, 1924 in Cleveland, OH
                     Buried: Westlawn Cemetery in Canton, OH
                     Note: Helen died at her sister Sarah’s house in Cleveland, Ohio.
                               She taught school in Canton and later in Cleveland.
            6. Sarah Elizabeth McKinley
                     Born: October 1, 1840 in Niles, OH
                     Married: February 26, 1867 in Poland, OH
                     Died: November 22, 1931 in Cleveland, OH
                     Buried: Poland Cemetery in Poland, OH
                  Spouse: Andrew J. Duncan
                                 · Mary Duncan 
                                         Spouse: S.L. Bowman
                                 · William McKinley Duncan
                                          Spouse: Anna Viola Deetrick
                                 · Sarah Duncan 
                                            Spouse: J.H. Winslow
                                 · Andrew J. Duncan Jr. 
            7. William McKinley Jr.
                     Born: January 29, 1843 in Niles, OH
                     Married: January 25, 1871 in Canton, OH
                     Died: September 14, 1901 in Buffalo, NY
                     Buried: Westlawn Cemetery in Canton, OH
                     Final Resting Place: McKinley National Memorial in Canton, OH
                  Spouse: Ida Saxton
                              · Katherine McKinley
                                      Born: December 25, 1871 in Canton, OH
                                      Died: June 25, 1875
                              · Ida McKinley
                                      Born: April 1, 1873 in Canton, OH
                                      Died: August 22, 1873
                    Note:  William McKinley was the 25th President of the United States. 
                                He had served 6 months of his second term when Leon Czolgosz shot him on September 6, 1901. 
                                His successor was Theodore Roosevelt.
               8. Abigail (Abbie) Celia McKinley
                        Born: June 1, 1845 in Niles, OH
                        Died: January 26, 1846
                        Buried: Niles (Union) Cemetery in Niles, OH
               9. Abner Osborn McKinley
                        Born: November 27, 1847 in Niles, OH
                        Married: 1876?     
                        Died: June 11, 1904 in Somerset, PA
                        Buried: Westlawn Cemetery in Canton, OH
                    Spouse: Anna Endsley
                                 · Mabel McKinley
                                    Died: June 7, 1937
                     Note: Mabel married Dr. Hermanus Baer of Reading, PA in Somerset, PA on September 12, 1900.
                     Note: Abner was a lawyer in Ohio and later New York. He was briefly a law partner with 
                               his brother, William, in Canton, Ohio. 
More Genealogy information, can be found at the McKinley Presidential Library and Museum in Canton, Ohio.
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